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There is some relaxation between 30 June and 20 November but even after 20th November, the expenses will remain intact. Therefore, it would be better if you avoid taking any risk related to money and do not make investments. This year, your income will be regular but you will not be able to use it well. According to Aquarius , invest only if have taken proper guidance from the experts. Pay attention to unexpected expenses and do not waste money. Be careful about investing in stocks, speculative markets etc. Between mid-May to August and after December 17, you can expect good monetary benefits.

The month of February is also favorable money wise. According to the Aquarius horoscope predictions, more efforts are required by the students at the beginning of the year. Due to the transit of Rahu in the fifth house till mid-September, the road to education is full of obstacles. However, due to the influence of Jupiter and Saturn between March 30 and June 30, success is sure in competitive exams. Students studying information technology will earn special achievements but some difficulties may come in the way. According to the Education Horoscope , the mid-year is likely to be favorable for those who want to go abroad for education.

After mid-September, the transit of Rahu in your fourth house will remove the problems arising in the field of education automatically. The coming time will be good in terms of education. Students should rely on their hard work to achieve good results. As per Aquarius horoscope prediction, this year will be a year of mixed results for your family life.

Happiness and peace will prevail in the family at the beginning of the year. Your family will demand more time from you. According to Aquarius family predictions, there will be peace in the family as you will share a strong bond and support with your siblings. You may get an opportunity to purchase a vehicle between March 28 and August 1. This year, you will experience mixed results in your married life as per Aquarius horoscope predictions.

Between January and March 30, Jupiter will stay in your eleventh house and completely favor the seventh house, which will make your married life full of happiness and bliss. Then there will be a possibility of fight or quarrel in matrimony till June The vulnerable health of both the partners will impact your married life. Between 30 June and 20 November, your married life will bloom as the emotional turn in the relationship will bring both of you closer. The time after that will require you to deal with your marital issues with patience. Pregnant women must exercise with caution.

The horoscope also suggests a marriage of some of your children that will be the reason of happiness in the home and family. Aquarius horoscope predictions stresses on the need of keeping your lover happy for a strong relationship as this week is not much favorable for love affairs.

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At the beginning of the year, the support of 5 Gurus in Ekadash Bhav or Eleventh house can have some adverse effects on your love life. Your horoscope suggests that you must exercise strict control over yourself as you can be romantically involved with more than one person, which is not good. You are advised to control yourself and remain close to someone very special. According to Aquarius love predictions, the period between February to March will be very good for the singles as chances of marriage are high. Be extra careful from March to June as this period is somewhat unfavorable.

The time between 30 June to 20 November is very good for your life as your love life will scale great heights this year. According to your horoscope, it is possible to turn your love life into the desired direction if you spend some quality time together, like an outing.

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Deal all your matters related to your love life with care and patience as the situation may become unfavorable after November 20th. Find your right Love Match. Your Aquarius horoscope prediction says that in the year , special attention to your health is required.

Your health may remain disturbed this year as Saturn will enter the twelfth house on 24th January and remain in this house throughout the year. Your health will demand full attention, especially between February and May. Keep your mental stress under control as it will increase, which will lead to other physical problems. Today This Week This Month Cancer Personality As a crab you can often avoid confrontation by hiding in your shell, pre Read More Cancer Professional Cancerians are known to be good with their hands this is the reason why Read More Cancer Teen Boy :The Cancer lad is very emotional and apt to mood swings.

Gender Male Female. Email Subscription. Consult Now. Click Here. Read More Katrina Kaif The reigning queen of Bollywood, Katrina Kaif, seems to be doing everything right at the moment. The gorgeous Cancerian currently seems to possess a golden tou Read More. Talk to an astrologer Acharya Anup Pandit 4. Acharya Nand 4. Astro Vijaya 4. Dr Vinod Pandey 4.

View all. You May Also Like. Kartik Purnima The most sacred of all the months in the Hindu calendar, the month of Kartik falls between the November-December months according to the Gregorian calendar.

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Read More. Dev Diwali Following the Hindu Lunar calendar, Dev Diwali is observed on the full moon day Purnima in the month of Kartik and is celebrated for fifteen days after the festival of Diwali. Mars transit in This Tamil Rasipaln app also provides Sanipeyarchi palan in Tamil - provides the full details about sani peyarchi palankal and parikarangal for all rasis such as Mesha rasi palangal, Rishaba rasi palangal, Magara rasi palangal, Kumbha rasi palangal, Kanni rasi palangal, Simma rasi palangal, Thula rasi palangal, Viruchiga rasi It is interesting to note that colors have such a tremendous impact on our life that everybody gets inspired to know about origin of colors, special benefits of VIBGYOR rays of sun, history of color therapy , their spiritual and Yogik associations like chakra color significance and healing attributes.

You will learn to master all the arts which are under the sun. Horoscope - Free Daily Horoscopes predictions available at Astroyogi. Saturday, October 12, - Sunday, October 13, Find details for Mesha, Vrishabha, Mithun, Karka, Simha, Kanya, Tula A horoscope is an astrological chart or diagram representing the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, astrological aspects, and sensitive angles at the time of an event, such as the moment of a person's birth. These are based on the positions of Sun and Moon — the two important luminaries - and are used to know the auspiciousness of any date and time muhurtha for any important undertaking like journey, buying, selling, marriage, puja, vrata, shraddhas, etc.

This will turn into a healthy and positive phase for the coming 10 months. Your Today's Horoscope based on zodiac signs is the only guide you need to plan your day. Here we provide horoscope for all zodiac signs for the years - People born in first quarter of Anuradha Nakshatra are intelligent and are very eager to learn and get professional qualifications.

Find out your lucky numbers, winning numbers for lottery, gambling, betting. Saturn enters 11th house for Kumbha rashi. Asthana Siddanthi Prakash Astrologer is an astrologer with a distinct scientific leaning. Rasipalan Tamil Jothidam Panchangam blog gives the predictions of today, week and month. The transit of Guru Guru peyarchi in Tamil , from one rasi to another is considered as an important astrological event. For being more serious and for being a long range, strategic thinker when it comes to yourself and your goals. In January , Kumbha Rashi will be a good month.

Rahu enters Gemini Punarvasu 3rd pada on the 23rd March ; simultaneously Ketu on the same day and time also enters Sagittarius U. A child birth is also possible. Such movements give rise to the stimulation of radioactive disintegration which, on falling on the individual, can produce psycho-physical changes in his character and disposition. There are 12 different rasi like Mesham, rishabam, midhunam, kadagam, simmam, kanni,thulam, viruchigam, Dhanusu, Magaram, Kumbam and Meenam. No one could keep track of you.

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Aquarius people are the seekers of knowledge and keep on searching new truths around. While everything new and new-age enthralls the Aquarius natives, rebelliousness of any sort liberates them. Today's lucky color, locky colours by zodiac sign, today's advice, general luck, love luck, work luck, money luck, horoscopes, zodiac, Chinese horoscopes, daily horoscope, AsiaOne brings you the essential news and lifestyle services you need.

Some numbers are believed to be lucky for various rashis. Period: 04 th October to 29 th October as per Vakiya Panchang which is widely followed in the temples. Mercury is not favourable in 1st house from Gochara. It is the eleventh astrological sign of the zodiac. Though Kumbha rasi are slow to observe, you are very shrewd and intelligent. You will have good income, joy, enjoy good relations with your boss or coworkers. Make A Wish Tarot.

Job Searches or Business Opportunities: The Kanni Rasi Virgo Sign natives would be able to get the desired results on their Job searches; or would be able to get good business opportunities from 1 st to 20 th May ; and get modest opportunities from 21 st to 31 st May The people around you will motivate you to become better and improve yourself. Your business would easily expand. Avoid interfering in others personal matters to escape from enmity. This year Jupiter moving to Sagittarius, 11th house on 29th March and coming back to Scorpio, 10th house on 23rd April.

Your sense of humor will give you credit in society. Check for the rise in blood pressure and heart diseases if aspected by Rahu during this period. Meena According to Indian Astrology, Aquarius traits are Friendly and humanitarian, Honest and loyal, Original and inventive, Independent and intellectual.