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I made sure no information was given out while he was on his way to my house, so much so we made him think that he was actually seeing another person in case he was to do a background check. He finally sits right in front of me and asked for my thumbprint and as well as my date and time of birth.

It took him close to minutes to do some calculation and then his hand reached into his bag. He searched through bundles and bundles of old palm leaves. He pulled out the rubber band from that bundle and flipped through numerous leaves and finally stopped at one particular leaf. My mum smirked at me, my dad on the other hand was equally stunned as i was and all these were read from a leaf, A LEAF! As i sat there in a daze, my mum decided to go in detail about me. Everything he said was fish-ing true!

He even talked about my past life and sins that i have done. My mum being a typical kaypo, asked when i was gonna get married and even how many kids i would have. Before this fella arrived, i clearly told my mum strictly nothing about the future and i guess it fell on deaf ears. After that session, he needed a lift back to town and i gracefully offered him.

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In the car, he talked about how he learned to read from the leaves from his dad and it has been passed down from generation to generation. I asked you if you liked anyone and you said no…. We are only friends ….


Olai Chuvadi

My mum has this craze of fengshui, numerology, astrology and i had seen them all but this is probably the only that has left me speechless. I googled about this palm leaf and found a blog that has a brief explanation on what is it about. I dont believe a single of it myself.. I still want to believe he checked up on you.

Maybe found out about XXX also the one you like. Since you mentioned it in your blog right? But if they were so good, can they predict the TOTO number? ChunHuey: you think all you want ler, hahaha. Can I meet him? I have got mine read in Thane which is near Mumbai 30 kms. We have to give our Name and mobile number exact birth time, birth date, birth place and thumb impression. With this info they find out palm leaf of our name written some thousands of years before by Sage Agasthi. Sometimes they may get our leaf within 2 to 3 weeks but sometimes it may take months too.

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Once they find it, they inform us about it on telephone and fix up the appointment. One persons reads the leaf loudly in Tamil and the other person translates it simultaneously, in English, Marathi, Hindi a language of your choice. The whole reading of leaf is recorded on a CD and handed over to us, so that we can play it whenever we want. It is a different kind of experience. They charged me Rs. Now with rising inflation the prices also might have increased. The charges depend upon the number of chapters you want them to read. The chapters are like General, Marriage Life, Health, Court matters, children, business and finance etc.

They also tell you re any accident, major surgery, pecuniary losses, loss in court cases in future, Life expectancy time around which the person would die , Next birth, Last birth etc. Now please do not ask me whether in last 5 years whatever they have read has come true? The highlight of palm leaf Astrology mrajank mentioned is that any person in the world if he gives his finger tips they would select the leaf for the particular person which contains horoscope of that person, based on the horoscope they predict his future life and also narrate his past life.

This is called Naadi Jothidam in tamil. It is belief that all our nadis beats have been recorded in leaves by the old siddars tamil saints, primarily Saint Agasthiar. So the Naadi astrologers pick out the leaf said to be containing your details and read it out for you. There are quite a few places which are famous for this in Tamil Nadu , Vaitheeswaran Koil being the pioneer and pockets around Courtallam , Trichy, now Thiruvannamalai. This is spread out and there are even people in Chennai who are quite reputed. You HAVE to tell us whether it all came true for you?

Because if it did, I too would love to get some reading done for me They told me many things which I already knew since I had shown my horoscope to some good fortune teller. They told me there was a difficult period in which I will have to face a lot of trouble and I faced a lot. They told me till when this bad patch we call it Sade saati - 7 and half years of Saturn shani would be there.

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After that it is better. They also told me to do various religious things to reduce trouble and get a mental satisfaction during the difficult time of our life. Since I am an agnostic I did not do it. Hi Crystal Can you let me know of T.

Ramesh e-mail id and where brickfields is? My Email id: saiganesh myt. Hi Saresvathy, there is a genuine nadi reader. If you are not married you can see Chapter seven and it is mandate that you have to see Chapter 1, 13 and 14 and perform poojas whatever given in Olai Chuvadi.

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Ramesh and all he said was so true.. When you had your reading, did he ask for your date of birth and time of birth? I am very sceptical of readers asking this from me, as they can always draw up a horoscope right there and then, and there is no way of knowing if they are actually reading the palm leaf! I would like to get the contact number for the olai chudi master. Sam , hello his number is behind vivekananda ashramam hall…. Ramesh…all seens true past and present…. Im not married yet, facing a prob to settle in marriage life…need advise through olai chudi…tq. I have seen before but I want a double confirmation….

Interested in getting a reading but afraid of being conned, somebody pls mail me dofusm gmail. I just know that my born place is monday. Can you please advice. Hi could any1 mail me his contact number at nemrod hotmail. Thank you very much. Dear friends I will be so thankful if anyone of people would give me the contact number for the olai chudi astrologer Mr T ramesh.

I just came back from meeting mr ramesh..

olai chuvadi jothidam

Hi Brina Is T. Ramesh the same person who was in Calicut Kerala? Do you have his e-mail id. My E-mail id: saiganesh myt. Gulab , Hi his number is its behind vivekananda ashramam in brickfields.. Pls if u go after seeing him, pls pls tell me wat he said is true or nt..

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Hi vanakan. I want to know abt my current married life? Its full fill wt painfull. I unhappy wt my spouse. Pls help me. I just came across of your article. Well just wondering, if you have to go in person to see him to get the readings? Because I live in Melbourne and its hard for me to go over. He say after I done this will get married and he say will read for me the 7th gandam of olai chuvadi. After I completed my trip to india and the money and pariharam that he ask me to give him , I contact him to read my 7th gandam.

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I always call him for appointment and he start to ignore my calls and or will put the call on hold. When I ask abt what he done the parigaram thing.. This India guy simple making money from us with his limited knowledge. Dear friend be aware from this guy!! I want to make complaint about this guy Government organization soon. The price for the session is expensive as compared to other readers in town. Translation services are provided by a person who does not speak basic English. It would be advisable not to use the translation services. As for the actual reading, it is very generic.

Friends who have seen other readers were able to get a generic reading plus past birth experiences in detail at one sitting at a very much cheaper price.